Friday, September 28, 2012

Cobalt Computer Recall

IMPORTANT NOTICE Cobalt Dive Computer Recall
We have decided to initiate a recall on the Cobalt Dive Computer after discovering a possible assembly problem that could cause the high pressure sensor to leak. Although we hope the percentage of units with this problem is small, the defect is serious enough that we feel it is necessary to recall and inspect as many units as possible to ensure customer safety and satisfaction. Fortunately the defect is easy to identify and we hope that you will cooperate with us to minimize the inconvenience to the customer. The computer may be returned to Atomic for inspection, but doing it at the retail store is simple and will expedite the process for your customer. Having a Cobalt in the affected serial number range does not mean it is defective, but that it should be inspected for the defect. Any computers found with this defect must not be used and returned to the factory for repair or replacement. 
On Cobalts that pass the inspection, change the top cover to the new style per the attached instructions. Report the serial number and owner’s information on the reporting form. Return the Cobalt to the customer.
This recall affects all units manufactured between May 31, 2010 and April 16, 2012.  Serial Lots 2210-XXXX through 1612-XXXX. 

Includes Lot Numbers (first 4 digits of serial number)
2210 / 2910 / 4010 / 4710 / 5010 / 1111 / 1711 / 2611 / 2811 / 3211 / 3311 / 3411 / 3511 / 3611 / 3711 / 3811 / 3911 / 4011 / 4111 / 4211 / 4511 / 4611 / 5211 / 0812 / 1112 / 1212 / 1312 / 1412 / 1612   

Affected units: Affected units that require inspection can be identified by the first four digits in the serial number. To view the serial number, turn the unit on and go to “Main Menu/ Settings/System Information."
The serial number is four numbers followed by a dash (-) and four more numbers. Example 2210-1234
The first 4 numbers of the serial number is the date of manufacture, week (2 digits) followed by the year (2 digits).

If there are any questions, that we at International Scuba cannot answer, please contact the Atomic Customer Service Department either at, or call us between 7AM and 5PM PST, Monday through Friday at 714.375.1433. 

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