Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Antarctica November, 2014

The 7th Continent
Great White Continent
The Holy Grail for Adventure Travelers
Mecca of Landscape and Wildlife Photographers

November 11-21, 2014 sailing dates

Nancy McGee, Explorers Club Fellow and diving adventurist, will lead an expedition to explore the Antarctic penninsula for both divers and non-divers

Animal encounters are the focus of the expedition.  Daily itineraries will be dictated by wildlife opportunities. Numerous kinds of penguins will be sighted during this peak of breeding season.  Other wildlife encounters possible are: leopard seals, Humpback whales, Minke whales, Weddell seals, blue-eyed shags, fin whales, Gentoo and Chinstrap penguins and much more.  Landscapes including rugged mountains, pristine bays, huge glaciers and icebergs will be a photographer's delight.
·  Spacious, comfortable expedition vessel Plancius will be home afloat and base camp for 10 nights
·  Base camp activities - all optional and all free:
o zodiak cruising
o wildlife spotting
o hiking
o trekking
o kayaking
o photography workshops
o camping
o snowshoeing 
o mountaineering
o relaxing shore tours 
·  Diving - optional for an additional cost of $520pp 
o Only a limited number of opportunities are available each year to dive Antarctica.  Nancy is holding a precious few spaces - act immediately to secure your place!
o November is peak visibility time
o Two dives offered daily (weather dependent)
o Divers must provide their own equipment
o Experience in a drysuit is required
o Specialized equipment for cold water diving, and cold-water diving experience, is necessary
·  Expedition boots are provided free of charge for use during the voyage aboard Plancius.  Jackets are available for a fee
·  Industry-leading equipment
·  Highly qualified and experienced expedition guides
·  Intimate and informal atmosphere
·  Environmentally friendly programs
·  Activities are weather dependent, flexible, and based on wildlife opportunities
·  Embarking from Ushuaia, Argentina
·  Optional post-cruise tour of Patagonia
·  Hotel, transfer arrangements and land tour service reservations are available from Island Time Scuba  
Nancy has reserved the best cabins aboard the 90 meter vessel, hosting a maximum of 110 passengers.  Act now to reserve the most comfortable, outside cabins at midship!  Cost per person beginning at US$6900.  

This excursion is for the ultimate traveler seeking the best encounters with nature, wildlife and the most pristine landscape left on this planet.  

Please contact Nancy for more details.

Nancy McGee
Explorer & Filmmaker
Explorers Club Fellow 2013
Women Divers Hall of Fame 2008

Island Time Scuba

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